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Due to the fault of my accountant, the tax service fined me 1.5 billion soums.

Due to the fault of my accountant, the tax service fined me 1.5 billion soums. The day before yesterday, during a meeting with entrepreneurs, one of them said this and started complaining about his accountant and added that there are a lot of incompetent accountants now.

I'm an accountant!

In recent years, indeed, the number of accountants has increased, but no one assumes responsibility for monitoring the quality of knowledge in 3-4 month courses. Using this, training centers spin commercials, promising them the positions of chief accountant, as well as a monthly salary of $ 1,000 (while they forget that the chief accountant is required in addition to knowledge, work experience, restraint, the ability to work with numbers, mathematical thinking, analysis and many other qualities ...) I sent one of his students for these courses. After studying there for one week, he categorically refused to study, saying that he would get more knowledge at work. Many training centers train "robots" to submit tax reports. On the one hand, entrepreneurs need accountants who submit only tax reports for $50-100. For them, the main job of an accountant is the timely submission of tax reports.
Last year, a fixed type of tax was introduced in the Tax Committee system, and calls began from employees of the tax inspectorate calling for payment of a monthly fixed tax, and there will be no need to pay salaries to an accountant. Such demands were even made from the high stands.
It was clear that the hunt for accountants had begun, i.e. a movement against the authority of accountants had begun. One of them even stated: "Why do you need an accountant at all?" (If his accountant is incompetent, this does not mean that all accountants are like that ... With this statement, he humiliates experienced accountants with work experience who have earned respect for years with their honest work).
But by the end of 2023, large-scale inspections of entrepreneurs by the tax inspectorate began, and I think such inspections will also continue this year.
Recently, another "smart guy" said that now you can get a KPI and, based on this, you can assign him a salary.
Why did they take up the accountant so much?
There is only one answer here: an entrepreneur, except for an accountant, has no reliable support, because only he can do his best to protect the company where he works. A whole department of trained specialists will be opposed to him. Although the forces are not equal here, but the accountant takes the path of protecting the entrepreneur and many experienced and smart accountants successfully cope with this.
The lack of a unified standard for training and advanced training of accountants, as well as the lack of a unified assessment system of accountants' knowledge (it used to be, but some initiators consciously or unconsciously considered all this unnecessary) led to a blurring in the definition of specialist knowledge in the labor market.

Who is an accountant anyway? "Accounting is the language of business," Warren Buffett said. An accountant manages a business, figures, and sees business in numbers. (Unfortunately, today many people, working in the 1C program, have limited themselves). Yes, it is difficult to communicate with us when we work with numbers, we trust the exact facts rather than motivation or other similar things.

First of all, the task of an accountant or accounting department is to digitalize a business. The accountant must prove himself in the full digital management of the organization. To do this, he uses auxiliary programs such as 1C, CAP, ERP, automated warehouse accounting programs and other programs. In addition, the accountant must collect and provide the head of the enterprise with accurate data in order for the head to make the right and accurate decision. For example, an accountant, first of all, should think about such issues as how much profit an enterprise should receive, determine internal unnecessary expenses, determine the price of goods, calculate expenses, if an organization wants to get a loan, what additional loads the organization will have in percentage terms, analytical certificates of the period of sale of goods, accounting for accounts receivable and accounts payable, control of accounting of funds in the current account, the ability to use tax benefits, control of cash receipts, to protect from any penalties, etc., etc. In order to perform the above tasks in a timely manner, he must love his profession, constantly improve his skills, and think about the development of the organization. He should not sit responsible only for the timely submission of tax reports.
Many people do not know how to work with these programs, or do not use these programs. Real accountants don't like to talk much, we live together with our profession. We see our lives only through numbers. I'm an accountant! I love my profession! My profession is the meaning of my life, I cannot live without numbers and I will not allow anyone to undermine the authority of my profession!